About Us

Left to Right: Gregg, Heidi, Pam, and Cherisse Redmond

(Left to Right: Gregg, Heidi, Pam, and Cherisse Redmond)

Just like many of you, my family and I moved from California to Tennessee in 2018. Our plan was that my parent's (Gregg and Pam) would retire in Franklin and I would start a new life in a new state, however God seemed to have other plans for us here. God started moving on our hearts even before we left California to introduce organic rest to his people. After many days praying as a family, we stepped out in faith and made plans to move to TN. Through what only could be credited to the hand of God, we got connected to a realtor in Franklin who knew of a space available for a shop right on Main Street. We took possession of 434 Main Street on January 1st, 2019 and opened our doors exactly a month later. We have dedicated our shop, both online and in-person, to the Lord  from that day on. We mainly sell organic beds, bedding, candles, oils, and pajamas, but we have a few items sprinkled in from local small businesses. My parents have now retired from the shop and I run it with an amazing team of girls that love God as much as we do. We are so grateful to have served Franklin from 2019 on and are excited to continue being a haven of God's peace on Main Street, Franklin, TN.

- Heidi Redmond, Owner of Awaken TN

"We sell product all day, We pray for people every day, and lives are changed in our store every day." - Gregg Redmond (Heidi's father, Former co-owner of Awaken TN)