The Famous "Life Changing" Pillow

Cotton Hemp Latex Life Changing Organic Pillow

By now you may have seen our sign in the front of our downtown Franklin store or heard a friend talk about this "life changing" pillow that we carry here at Awaken TN.
When we call it that name - we don't mean that lightly.
This one pillow has changed the way that so many people sleep at night. Helping tremendously with neck, shoulder and back issues. Helping them with allergies, sleep issues and so much more. 
A fun little backstory - a dear friend gifted this pillow to our owner Gregg a few years ago. He had chronic pain from a car accident he was in 40+ years prior. Needless to say, the pillow "changed" his life so much that from it...the Awaken TN shop was born!
So what's so incredible about this pillow?
Number one, is it's shape. It has a unique cut-out on the side to help conform and cradle your neck as you sleep - keeping your spine aligned all night long. The natural latex helps immensely with pressure relief. Which in turn can help get more oxygen to your body's muscles. It can be used by a side sleeper, back sleeper or stomach sleeper. 
The "life changing" Pillow
Another amazing element to this pillow is its ability to be customized to your specific body. They come pre-filled and overstuffed. There's a handy-dandy zipper on the side of the pillow where YOU get to decide how much you want taken out -- so the loft is just right for your neck and comfort level. We even include a canvas bag so you can store any of the extra filling you take out and keep it if you need it later. 
The materials are the best of the best. The encasement is made of Organic Cotton and Hemp. The filling consists of shredded natural rubber latex and potato starch fiber. A typical pillow harbors dust mites, drool, dead skin (ew, right?) and should be thrown away every year. This pillow's unique materials make it hypoallergenic, and allergy free. You can use it up to five years! 
We know that the gateway to an amazing, natural night of sleep - starts with the right pillow. 
Click here to shop the pillow everyone is raving about.
Check out our video of Morgan explaining how the "life-changing" pillow works!

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